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Do you have vintage clothes you want to sell? This is now possible through our webshop! We are Vintage Selectors and we aim to sell your vintage clothing in a quick and simple way.
So enjoy:
○                       A perfect way to reach your desired audience
○               An easy way to offer your clothes a second chance
○       Being the one that get's selected to sell on our platform
○                             Being paid proper value for your product
How does it work?
Fill in the form below and we will review your product on looks, quality and pricing. If your product matches our vision we will select it and it will become available on our webshop. You will recieve a notification when it is selected and when it is sold!
As you can see we admire high quality photo's. We strongly encourage you to make beautiful photographs as well! This will give you a bigger chance of being selected and will keep the quality of the webshop on a desirable level.
Our own photos are made with just a phone and friends as models. Searching for a stunning location, and putting in a little bit of effort can result in quite awesome shots. 
To make sure size and fit are visible we need pictures of you wearing your clothing. Please keep in mind that it is fine to exclude your head from the photo to remain anonymous! The best way to make photos is to ask a friendly friend for 30 seconds of his/her time and take three quick shots:
○                    One wearing the product from a distance however you like.
○                    One wearing the product with a clear view on the frontside.
○                   One wearing the product with a clear view on the backside. 
○         You can add extra photos for detailing/other shots you find fitting.
    Good luck and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!